About Us


The furry friends in your life are more than pets, they’re family to us!

We launched Print A Paw to memorialize our founder Ron’s love for animals of all furs, feathers, feet, and faces.

We believe every animal deserves a loving environment to call home and understand that home may be for only a brief moment in the grand scheme so we want to help every one of you love their darling four-legged friend to the fullest.

We are a company that creates with you and your furry family in mind at every step, so you’ll never have to worry about harmful chemicals or low-quality products that won’t withstand the test of your pet pal’s energetic lifestyle.

We want to provide you with a beautiful way to protect your pet’s memory, life, and legacy just like you would for your own kids - because they are your children!


A Personal Story from Our Founder:


For about 3 years, a stray cat, who I named BB,  visited my doorstep looking for food and a quick belly rub, but would never venture inside my home. She lived on the sidewalk, and obviously I became attached, but she was a strong, independent feline that didn’t seem to need a home. Until the day she fell ill….

My wild friend was suffering from kidney disease and turned to me to care for her in her last months. We tried our best to save her, but ultimately, she passed and our house and street was quiet once again.

I startedPrint A Paw, not only to memorialize the impact she made in our lives, but also to celebrate her life by creating quality products for pets and pet lovers, and being able to support other pets in need through her legacy.

Every 7-10 seconds, a stray dog or cat is being put down all across the US, with over 4 million homeless dogs and cats being euthanized. Print A Paw is determined to reduce those numbers!

We proudly support no kill shelters and have pledged to donate 10% of our net profits to these shelters so they can grow and take in more homeless animals. Be part of our Print A Paw family - personalize your pet today while saving another!