Is It Good For A New Dog To Be Clingy Or Is This Abnormal Behavior?

If the goal is to have a companion that’s going to want to spend as much time with you as possible, then a clingy dog would be perfect. Because they’ll provide unconditional love and be loyal to you as well. What do you do when you have a new dog that seems to be almost too clingy? How do we define “too clingy” here? Well, you could look at it as a dog that not only doesn’t want to leave your side but when you do leave its side it will aggressively pursue you.

Take the example of you going to the bathroom for a short while. Your dog doesn’t just lay there and wait until you come back. No, they want to be in the bathroom with you. If you lock them out then they’ll start aggressively scratching the door and barking in front of it in order to get you to let them in. There may be instances where you go into your room for some private time and the dog displays the same behavior.

You can have a dog that follows you around everywhere you go, even when it comes to eating the dog may not want to do it if it can’t have you in their sights the whole time. So is this good behavior or is there something else going on here? Maybe it could be that your dog just really loves you and want to spend all of its waking hours showing you that. Well, it really does depend on the dog. Some dogs are clingy by nature and they look at their owners are protectors more than anything.

In this case, when the owner isn’t present then the dog may feel like it’s in danger and will aggressively seek you out. Then you have special cases such as adopted dogs where they may be clingy due to not liking the feeling of being alone. It can be a case where a dog was abandoned for a long time and suffered as a result. Now that a new owner has established themselves as someone that can be trusted the dog doesn’t want to risk being abandoned again.

There can also be cases where you just have a dog that’s really protective of you. It doesn’t even matter if it’s a large dog or a small dog. The dog wants to protect you from any form of harm and when you aren’t in its presence it may feel like it isn’t doing its job. When it feels like it isn’t doing its job then it isn’t pleasing you. Dogs want to please their owners more than an ant wants to eat sugar. So when they don’t get the chance to do this they may feel like they’re going to be punished as a result.

It could be a case where an owner is especially affectionate towards the dog and it just resonates. In this case, the dog can develop such a strong bond with its owner that it doesn’t want to leave their side, even in death. There was a case of a man who got a new dog and had it for most of his life. The dog and the man had such a strong bond that even when the man died the dog would show up to his gravesite and just sit there for hours on end every day. This was a dog that wanted to prove loyalty even after his owner had passed away.

The only way a new dog being too clingy can look at as a bad thing is if it’s due to the dog being afraid of being alone. In this case, you may have to teach the dog courage through proper training, which can be tough. It can also be an instance of the dog needed another dog companion to take some of their attention away from you. If the dog had another dog companion, then they may be more willing to try and bond with them.

We would say that overall if a new dog is being really clingy it isn’t a bad thing. What it probably wants more than anything is a chance to show you how much it cares in the hopes that the good feelings will be reciprocated.  If the acts of affection aren’t being reciprocated, then this can lead the dog to believe it simply has to be more aggressive in this regard.

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