How To Help A Rescue Dog That Has Difficulty Sleeping During The Night

Adopting a rescue dog is one of the best feelings in the world. These dogs are truly special because in most cases they’ve endured some serious conditions yet they are still willing to open themselves up. These types of dogs require a special type of attention because gaining their trust can be a serious challenge.

Some rescue dogs are super affectionate and will want to spend all their time with you trying to win your love. Other rescue dogs might be on the shy side and will seek out safe places to hide in your house. These are dogs that as long as they’re made to feel comfortable they won’t be much trouble at all.

In the first instance, at first, it might not be something that bothers you. Dogs are supposed to be loyal companions, wanting to spend all their time with you right? So then what happens when you try to get some alone time, but you see the rescue dog isn’t going for it? This usually comes in the form of the dog having a tough time sleeping at night due to not being by the side of its owner.

A rescue dog may do things like cry throughout the night, make heavy panting noises, bark really loud or even scratch at your door in order to be let in. Now some owners of rescue dogs believe that the dog simply needs to be left to its own devices and ultimately they’ll learn to get along without you having to be by their side all the time, but remember the type of dogs we’re talking about here.

Rescue dogs require extra attention and extra reassurance. If they’re having a hard time sleeping at night the reason we just mentioned above could be just one of the reasons why. There are other reasons, such as the dog being triggered by things it may have experienced in the past that were traumatizing or uncomfortable. It could be things you may not even consider because people naturally assume that a dog is supposed to have a certain level of toughness to it. It isn’t always this way though.

Take the instance of Rob, who had just adopted a rescue dog and found that the dog couldn’t sleep during the night. It could sleep through the day, but not the night. At night the rescue dog would almost desperately try to be by the side of the owner. Rob decided to monitor what happened during the night that made it hard for the dog to sleep and noticed that whenever a car would drive by it would make a large light on the wall. This freaked the dog out. All rob had to do was close the curtains and block out the light in order to make the rescue dog feel more comfortable.

Another rescue was spooked by the sound of a slamming door at night. Whenever it would hear the door slam it would immediately pop up and run to where it thought its owner was.  There was another rescue who simply was afraid of the dark and that’s because some of the bad things it experienced mostly happened when things were really dark.

It takes a special person to adopt a rescue dog. Any dog adoption requires a special person, but rescues are a whole different animal. People need to exercise extreme patience and be willing to put up with some behavior that may not be deemed desirable at first, but in the end, it’s all worth it.

One important thing that people who adopt these types of dogs need to consider is their history. Before adopting one try to get some information on what type of situation they came from. Also, think about the particular breed of rescue dog you’re getting.

Some dogs absolutely thrive on being close to their owners every minute of the day. The last thing they want is to be away from their owner, especially when it comes to sleeping with them at night. If this closeness isn’t met then they might start showing fear-based tendencies. Some breeds tend to be more aloof, so even if it’s a rescue they likely will be far more comfortable with some alone time than others.

If a rescue is having a hard time sleeping at night specifically, then don’t rule out the possibility of getting them prescription help. You’d want to go to a vet for this of course and make sure that any medication they did get was safe for them.

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