Healthy and safe foods for your dog

Dogs are quite sensitive to what they eat. Their digestive system and immunity
system is very different from that of humans. Therefore, you should be very
careful about what you are feeding your dog. The simplest of foods can cause
allergies in your pet, making it extremely uncomfortable. Never try feeding
human foods to your dog, without consulting your vet. Here is a list of healthy
and safe foods for your dogs. The best part of these foods is that your dog will
enjoy eating them.

1. Eggs
Eggs are loaded with nutrients such as Vitamins A, D & B complex, selenium,
antioxidants, and healthy omega-3 fatty acids. Therefore feeding eggs regularly
to your dogs can keep their cholesterol levels under control. Eggs are
important for the overall health of the skin, eyes, brain, liver, and heart of your

For adult dogs, you can feed one raw egg every day; however, for small dogs,
you can feed one half of a raw egg every day. Always try with half an egg every
alternate day to see how your dog reacts before you start feeding it eggs daily.

2. Bone Broth
Most of the pet stores contain high-quality bone broth available in cans. The
best part of bone broth is that it is so healthy that you can feed it to a sick dog
for early recovery. It heals the internal system of your dog, thereby helping in
the overall functioning of the gut, intestines, and liver. It increases your dog’s
immunity by flushing out the toxins and improving its digestion system.

When your dog is suffering from pain because of an injury or chronic joint
pain, bone broth can help in alleviating this pain. Feeding bone broth regularly
to your dog can also help its overall skin texture in addition to keeping it calm
yet alert. Your dog can sleep well every day, which leads to an overall
improvement in its cognitive functions.

3. Cooked fish
Fishes like salmon and tuna are excellent sources of omega-3 fatty acids. Some
fishes such as shrimp contain B vitamins that help to keep the digestive system
of the dog healthy and functional. Cooked fishes contain a lot of protein as
well, which help can help to improve the immunity levels of the dog and keep
its coat healthy & shiny.

4. Kelp Seaweed
Kelp seaweed is an excellent source of minerals such as zinc, magnesium,
selenium, and iodine. This food also contains an abundant dose of amino acids,
which help in improving the digestive, nervous and immune systems of the
dog. Eating a decent amount of kelp seaweed every day can also help to
improve the metabolism rate in dogs and correct hormonal imbalances.

Consult your veterinarian to know about the exact dosage that you can feed
small and adult dogs to keep them healthy.

5. Watermelons, apples, and blueberries
If you want to feed fruits to your dogs, you can consider feeding them apples,
watermelons, apples, and blueberries. When you are giving them
watermelons, ensure that you remove all the seeds so that your dog doesn’t
feel choked. Blueberries are rich sources of fiber, antioxidants and other
nutrients; therefore, you can give this fruit to your dog regularly.

When you want to give apples, ensure that you feed them fresh apples only.
Bad apples can cause stomach upset in dogs. Apples contain a lot of vitamins
that is good for the digestive health of dogs. Many people make the mistake
of feeding bananas to their dogs; however, you have to remember that this
should be given as treats only because they contain a lot of sugar content in

6. Chicken and pork
Before feeding chicken and pork to your dogs, you have to be careful to boil
them well. Don’t add any spices or seasoning to the chicken or pork chunks as
this can cause digestive problems in dogs. Pork contains a lot of fat in it.
Therefore, apart from boiling it well, you should also remember to remove the
fat content before feeding the same to your dog. The fat in the pork can cause
digestive problems and pancreatitis in dogs.

7. Coconut oil
As it is rich in medium-chain triglycerides, coconut oil is one of the healthy
foods that you can feed your dogs. It is great to be fed to sick dogs also, as it
can control inflammation and fight bacterial infections. It boosts the immunity
system of your dog in addition to developing its cognitive health. The general
dosage of coconut oil that you have to feed your dog every day is about 1
teaspoon for every 20lbs of weight. You will see visible improvements in your
dog’s overall skin and dental health as well when you feed it coconut oil

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