Dog Mental Exercises – Brain Exercises for a Well-Behaved Pup

Do you want your pup to be well-behaved and out of trouble when you are at work? Do you want to find your house as clean as you left it in the morning when you come back from work? If yes, it could irritate you to no extent when you return home to a messy home and an angrier dog. The worst point is that it is wrong to express your frustration with your dog.

This is why it is important to train your pup well and get him into a proper routine so that they are occupied with some activity for a long time. This will ensure that he gets to sleep for long hours when you are at work or busy with some other household chores. Here are simple brain exercises and physical activities that you can introduce your pup to, to keep him out of trouble.

1. Don’t underestimate the morning exercise routine

Pups are energetic animals and you will be surprised to know that they are ready to jump about even after about 30 minutes of regular jogging every day. However, don’t ignore this schedule. You should spend as much time as possible in physical exercises so that your dog feels tired during the day. When you feel that walking isn’t tiring him out, you could opt for alternate exercises such as jogging and running.

After 30 minutes of intense physical exercises, you can spend 15 minutes to stimulate the brain of your pup. Play games like fetch, hide & seek and tug of war with your pup. This will keep him occupied on the ball or Frisbee. In a tug of war, he will always remain alert so that you don’t defeat him. The objective of these games is to keep him occupied for a long time. Remember, the more occupied he is with some activity, the less trouble he is likely to create.

2. Food Puzzles

The best way to keep your pup occupied is to give him food in the form of puzzle toys. Stuff his food (kibble, dry food, wet food and anything else) in a Kong and encourage him to open the toys to unravel his food. You could start with simple puzzle toys before making the process harder with every stage.

As soon as your pup masters the art of finding its kibble stuffed inside the Kong, you can make the process more challenging for him. One way to do this is by hiding different types of food in different puzzle boxes and encouraging your pup to solve all the puzzles. Ensure that you use suitable puzzle toys to hide dry foods and wet foods.

Since they are young, you should buy only puzzle toys that are made from safe and non-toxic material. Once your pup has eaten the food that was stuffed inside these toys, you can give them to him as a chewable toy. You could also play “fetch” with this toy. Therefore, great care should be taken to cross-check the material of these puzzle toys before buying them for your pup.

3. Introduce a new environment to your pup

When you find that your pup is being very restless and fidgety, you can calm him by taking him for a walk outdoors. Ensure that you take him to a new place. When he meets new people and sniffs new smells, he feels intrigued. His brain will remain occupied in absorbing the ambiance of the new place. You could introduce your pet to a new friend as well. When he meets new people, his restlessness will vanish and he will remain well-behaved.

4. Agility Training

Introducing your pup to agility training schedules is one of the best ways to keep him fit – mentally and physically. Ensure that you approach a professional to provide agility training to your pup for the best results. Once your pup can follow your basic commands like sit, rest, come, fetch, jump, etc., he can be put in this course.

A proper agility training course will contain different exercises that will improve the limbs-eye coordination of your pump as he tries to navigate his way to the final destination after crossing all obstacles. Walking, jumping, navigating through circles, pausing in between training, crawling through tunnels and jumping through tires are some exercises that are given to your pup in this agility training session. At the end of the session, you will have a well-behaved pup in your home; so, you can rest assured that he will never create any trouble for you again.

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