Brain Exercises To Calm Your Dog

There is only a thin line between an energetic dog and a hyperactive dog. As a dog owner, it could be quite challenging for you to identify this difference. Most of the time, owners tend to ignore the over-enthusiasm shown by their dogs as they think that it is an inherent character of that particular breed. 

However, pet experts believe that hyperactivity in dogs can lead to a decline in their physical, mental and psychological health. Very little attention span, getting alarmed for no reason at all, inability to relax and an increased rate of respiration or heartbeats are some of the symptoms that you can see in hyperactive dogs.

However, don’t panic; here are some simple brain exercises that will calm your dog and make him feel relaxed:

1. Invest in some canine puzzle games

If you want to calm your dog, you should stimulate his brain and get him thinking. Puzzles, board games, interactive canine puzzles, etc. are excellent choices that you can try to calm your dog. These puzzles require your dog to unravel some blocks to find the treats that are hidden or make him think to get to the end of the puzzle. You can start with one interactive game at a time and invest in more depending on how much your dog likes to play with it.

2. Give him enough exercise

It’s quite contradicting that we speak about giving enough exercise to your dog, especially when we talk about calming it. However, the truth is that dogs tend to feel stressed and keep jumping about because they haven’t got enough exercise during the day.  Some breeds of dogs require more exercise than the other. Before you bring a dog to your home, it is important for you to understand the requirements of that particular breed, so that you will never have to encounter a hyperactive and stressed dog.

Take your dogs for long walks to calm him. You can also play the game of “fetch the ball” with him. With all the running around that he gets to enjoy, your dog is sure to feel relaxed quickly. You can also take your dog outdoors to give him some fresh air. Play a game of Frisbee with him to keep him busy and mentally calm at the same time.

3. Keeping updating their toys

It is difficult for your dog to remain calm when he is expected to play with the same toy repeatedly. Dogs are quite inquisitive; therefore, they love to explore new things every day. You don’t have to get him a new toy every day, but you could consider updating his collection of toys at least once a month to keep him occupied. He will be happy playing with his new toy; therefore, he will remain calm. Also, throw out the worn-out toys and rearrange the toys in such a way that they appear new to him. 

You could also hide his toys under the sofa, inside the bushes, in the kitchen or wherever you want and ask him to find out the same. He will love this “treasure-hunt” game. The look on his face when he manages to find out his toy is absolutely priceless! Now, that’s an incredible way to make your dog enjoy and enable him to feel calm as well.

4. Approach a professional

You need to remember that when your dog remains hyperactive for a long time, it can affect his health adversely. Hence, you have to try to calm him as quickly as possible. If you aren’t able to do so, you shouldn’t hesitate to approach a pet professional without further delay. Sometimes, your dog may need to be sedated for a while to bring him to his former, calm self.

You could hire a dog trainer for the first few weeks to know the tricks that are required to calm your dog’s brain and keep him healthy at all times. A professional might give you tips that would have never occurred to you at all. These could include reading out loud to your pet, making him stay next to you while you read, ignoring his restless state, making your dog meet new people, or bringing home a new pet and the like.

You will be surprised to note that dogs can fall into a routine easily. It’s all about knowing the natural characteristics of that particular breed and training him accordingly. The best brain exercise to keep your dog calm, eventually, is for you to spend as much time as possible with him. Dogs can get fidgety when left alone for long periods. So, be with him as much as you can and see the difference in his behavior!

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