3 Interesting Games To Play With Your Pet

As a pet owner, you might know that it is important to keep your pet occupied and entertained at all times so that it doesn’t get into any kind of trouble. However, not many of you know may know how to do this. Here, we are going to tell you about some innovative and fun games that will help to keep your pets busy.


1. Playing Frisbee

This is one of the most interesting games that not only improves your dog’s physical agility but its bonding with you as well. This will encourage your dog to run long distances to get the Frisbee or disc. You have to get your dog to like this game. That’s the challenging part. If you succeed in this, there is nothing stopping your dog from enjoying a game of Frisbee outdoors when the weather is pleasant.

Don’t start with hard or plastic Frisbees when you start playing this game. This is because your dog can get scared or discouraged from playing the game when the Frisbee hits him. To get him to enjoy the game, you should start with soft discs so that your dog doesn’t hurt even when the disc hits him. 

Also, when you throw the disc, ensure that you don’t throw it too long. Your dog may get so tired chasing the disc that it may fail to enjoy the game. So, always start with short distances and get your dog into the groove first before you make him enjoy the game.

2. Food-Stuffed Toys

To encourage your dog’s natural scavenging abilities, you can give him food-stuffed toys or foods-stuffed Kongs to play with. The best part about this game is that it helps to improve your dog’s mental stimulation as well. Stuff some safe to chew toys with healthy foods and leave them in different parts of your home. Encourage your dog to find these and watch them squeal with joy as they reveal the foods one after the other. Another major advantage of this game is that you can reduce your dog’s dependence on you when you keep him busy with these food dispensing toys.

3. Digging games

Every dog loves to dig for more than one reason. The best thing you can do is to give your dog its own little digging corner so that your landscaped garden isn’t spoiled. You can create simple digging spaces with your own tools and train your dog to dig them. If they are a little hesitant in the initial stages, you can keep some toys inside the holes to encourage them. As they dig the holes to unravel interesting toys & treats, your dogs would love to play this game more often than you ever imagined.


1. Fetch

You might be surprised to know that cats love to play the fetch game as much as your dog. The only thing you need to remember here is to use a toy that is small enough for your cat to hold in her mouth. Throw a simple toy across the room and ask your cat to fetch it for you. Also, you could train your cat to bring back the toy so that he can enjoy the game more than ever. If you are throwing some interesting treats around for your cat to fetch, you will find that your cat doesn’t bring back anything to you!

2. Chasing light

Cats love to chase light reflections, though it is hard to explain why. You could buy some reflecting toys which your cats can play with whenever they want. However, ensure that you don’t expose your cats to too much laser light rays as it harms their eyes. Light-emitting watches are also a good idea for your cat to remain entertained. Always have a toy that your cat can find at the end of its light-catching experience. This is because chasing lights endlessly can be quite disappointing for your cat.

3. Paper

Running out of ideas to keep your cat entertained? Here is a simple solution for you. Take a piece of paper and crumple it well before you put it on the floor. Encourage your cat to chase the crumpled paper as you keep it tossing it to different places. You will be surprised to know that cats love the sound of crumpled paper! Once your cat’s playing session is over, throw away the paper and don’t use it again. Don’t forget to keep a close watch on your cat while she plays with paper, because chewing this can choke her.

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